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Evangelism Masterclass
4 Sessions

Sept 20, 2022; 1-2PM EST
Topic: Coffee & Culture
"New approaches to exploring Christian faith and community."
Presenters: Dr. James Watson, Corps Health and Planting Consultant & Rev. Cid Latty.

Oct 04, 2022; 1-2PM EST
Topic: Intentional Conversations
"How do we have the deeper, spiritual discussions?"
Presenters: Cpt. Peter Mitchell & Cpt. Lorri-Ann Mitchell.

Nov 01, 2022; 1-2PM EST
Topic: Gospel of Reconciliation
"Clarity on theology of salvation can align us with God’s purpose."
Presenter: Jeremy McClung

Jan 24, 2023; 1PM EST
Topic: Dreams as Mission
"Enter into neighbours’ spiritual lives through conversation about their dreams."
Presenter: Alison Latty
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