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Evangelism Masterclass (Winter 2023)
Session #1- February 28, 2023: Inspired to Multiply
"Encounter stories of new faith in Canada. A leader/evangelist with experience in Canadian communities will provoke discernment of how we can discern the opportunities around us."
Presenter: Arash Azadi, Pastor

Session #2- March 28, 2023: The Unfolding Gospel
"A 'big picture' understanding of the gospel is shared to challenge us to consider how we might respond to the people around us who have concerns and questions."
Presenter: John Bowen, Professor Emeritus of Evangelism, Wycliffe College

Session #3- April 18, 2023: Discipleship Culture
"How discipleship connects the church and community is essential. Identify how intentional discipleship can happen in your context."
Presenter: McDaniel Philips, Discipleship Essentials Ministry Ambassador, TWR Canada

Session #4- May 30, 2023: Post-Enlightenment Evangelism
"Evangelism has been thought of as a tool for converting, if we simply find the right way, we could get people to become Christians. Perhaps it is time to not simply rethink our evangelistic methods but rethink the whole enterprise and the assumptions on which it has been built."
Presenter: Merv Budd, Ontario Regional Director, Forge Canada

Evangelism Masterclass Co-Hosts:
Major Stephen Court (Evangelism Consultant, The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda)

Rev. Cid Latty (Congregational Development Associate, Canadian Baptist of Ontario and Quebec)

Dr. James Watson (Corps Health and Planting Consultant, The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda)

Rev. Shannon Youell (Director of Church Planting, Canadian Baptists of Western Canada)
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